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Swashikar's Application Note
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There are close to about 742,490,639 Indians living in about 593,731 inhabited villages in our country. The villagers, other than the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter should have access to at least the basic facilities of a developing society in order to achieve the dream of a developed India by the year 2020. This application “Swashikar” is an attempt to blend modern mobile technology and interactive media to provide the basic facilities of good accessible health services, education and exercising right to complaint to the government (m-governance) against wrongdoings to people living in the villages of India. All that is needed is one mobile phone and the villagers have access to these three basic services over the air, which are rightly described to be the footholds of growth in the modern society and in realization of the great Indian dream.

Incidentally, the name “Swashikar” is derived from these three real life application we are focusing upon through this piece of software as illustrated below:
Also, the tag-image (welcome image) of Swashikar reflects a village hut with an antenna on top, which symbolizes that once this application get implemented, the villages will “get connected” to the rest of the world using the most modern mobile technology available and will be truly on the path to development.

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Attention : Hindi language support coming soon on Swashikar Online!
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Current Version : 1.3 (Beta)