Lifeline of Rural India


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The stage is set. The time is now. What lies below is not a product, software or idea, its a vision. A vision dedicated towards true service and betterment of billions of Indians living in villages : the heart of India. If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of rural Indians, we have something to show you. If you truly believe in and wish to contribute towards the great “India Developed : Mission 2020” dream, refer to the description below.

Over 80% of Indians live in villages. Basic building blocks of modern society like education, healthcare and good governance are still not within reach of everyone living in these villages. The rural people do not have access to ready financial help to support their dream of becoming self-sufficient. The Indian farming community, though large in strength still does not follow the new advanced scientific practices in agriculture and remains largely unaware of the various advancements in technology that hold the key to reduce food shortage in the country. What makes the problem very urgent and important is the fact that if India has to cross over into the club of developed nations, it is the 742,490,639 strong village societies that have to be uplifted at par to the times.


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Navyug 2020
"Lifeline of Rual India"
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