The Mobile Computing Group (MCG) at the Centre for Software Development at BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus will begin its activities from the second semester of 2008-2009. The Group will consist of interested student members of all years and a faculty acting as a mentor to the Group's activities. The Group will serve as an ideal place for both beginners and expert mobile programmers with primary focus on software for mobile devices. The Group will stay committed to CSD's aim to encourage technology by also exploring new emerging technology in this field, both in terms of software as well as hardware.

Students of all disciplines are eligible to become a part of the MCG.
Equal preference will be given to newbiews as well as students who have worked in the field before.

For more details regarding the Group's functioning, please visit the site again to view the Keynote.
In case, you wish to contribute to the Group as a mentor/sponsor/guide, get in touch with the CSD Coordinator withour further delay.

If you share the same passion for mobile computing, we are looking just for enthusiasts like you. Students willing to join the Mobile Computing Group (MCG) must get in touch with the CSD Coordinator immediately. The Group will start its activities with limited number of student members only in its first semester of inception.